30th June 2022

Local walks


Llanbister Local Walks

Llanbister village sits in the Ithon Valley and is surrounded by gentle hills where you can enjoy wonderful views. Whether you live here or are a visitor, we’d love you to enjoy exploring the miles of quiet country lanes and footpaths in and around the village.

We’ve converted a couple of disused phone boxes in the village; opposite the pub is the Book Exchange. In here, along with the box at Grevodig (to find the Map Box at Grevodig, please see ‘Between the Phone Boxes’ walk) are copies of some local walks.

We have provided a laminated sheet for each of the walks which you are welcome to borrow but please return these when you’ve finished with them. Please note the times given for each walk are approximate for the average walker and these times will vary according to your fitness.

Each sheet has a walk QR code which takes you an OS Maps app version of the walk so you can follow digitally on your phone.

Most walks go through or near farm land common where sheep roam freely so please keep dogs on leads and ensure that gates are shut behind you. Thank you!

Walks from the central village Book Exchange Box:

Between the phone boxes

This is an ‘out and back’ linear route which will help you find the Map Box and so discover the additional walks. The climb up from the village to the Map Box is a little challenging but the views at the top of the steep pitch are well worth the effort.

Distance: 4.4km or 2.6 miles return.

Elevation: 52m or 170 feet

Time: Approx 45 mins

Terrain: Country lanes.

Click on the picture below for a downloadable leaflet

Views and Pews

This is a circular walk from the village which also gives you snippets of local history and information along the way. As its name suggests, the route passes an ancient religious site, a chapel and the village church as well as introducing you to some spectacular views across the Ithon Valley.

Distance: 8 km or 5 miles.

Elevation: 198m or 650 feet

Time: Approx 1 hr 30 mins

Terrain: Country lanes.

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Walks from the Map Box at Grevodig:

Between the phone boxes walk – see above

The Phone Box loop

The route goes through a farm yard, takes in common land, gives you views of the Ithon Valley and takes you through Llanbister village.

Distance: 5 km or 3.1 miles.

Elevation: 170m or 557 feet

Time: Approx 1 hour 15 mins

Terrain: Country lanes and tracks.

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The three phone boxes walk

This is the longest of the phone box walks and is so named because you will pass all three of the refurbished or decommissioned village phone boxes along the way as you pass through gentle farming countryside and common land.

Distance: 11.6 km or just over 7 miles.

Elevation: 314m or 1030 feet

Time: Approx 2 hrs 45 mins

Terrain: Relatively quiet country lanes but do take care as local lanes have no pavements.

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